Walking around Belgrade with Euroleague

Welcome to Belgrade GoTorey followers! Recently I’ve been walking around the streets of Belgrade, Serbia with Euroleague Basketball! You can see 8 short clips from my little journey around the city. I am sure that there will be a lot more content coming to the website very soon so stay tuned!

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The Great Wall Of China!

Hello to all my followers I recently went to Beijing for a few days and got the chance to see The Great Wall!  Here is the video to check out I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Enjoying Historical Russia!

This first video is showing all of my followers the most Historical place in Russia and that is called the Red Square located in the center of Moscow!  Check out where many Governmental leaders have offices and home of the largest church in Russia as well!

This video is showing more historical sites right next to the Red Square which includes a Russian Warrior and a memorial that has two real soldiers standing there for 6 hour shifts at a time!  This is great history and culture of Russia.

The last video is showing how you can shop on the street right inside the Red Square of Moscow.  It reminded me of being in NYC for a second!  I bought some hats from a nice vendor and my teammate Aleksander Fomin helped me out!

Motivation through Constant Inspiration – The Spartak Spirit Followers thank you for all your support and loyalty!  I have made a special commercial following my selection of MVP for the months of October and November of the Russian PBL Beko League!  Check out the inspirational commercial it is made for all of you!

Spartak TV Presents Russian Cribs!

Hello all my followers please join me as I take you through my place of residence in Vladivostok, Russia.  Spartak TV has filmed my crib in Russia!  Check it out and leave feedback and comments thanks and Enjoy!

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