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I got a special December treat for all you who watched my Russian Cribs video. As you were able to see there I currently have a desktop wallpaper featuring my pictures from Spartak Primorie. I wanted to share this wallpaper designed by Dariusz Ejkiewicz of with all of you. As you may know LowGravity is responsible for my full web presence and everything that you see on I hope that you will all like this new piece by Dariusz and that you will continue to follow the GoTorey movement! All of the resolutions and different wallpapers featuring my action pictures can be found in wallpapers section.

Gabriela B. – Indis – Winner

Today I would like all of the visitors to meet someone special. I would like to introduce you all to Gabriela also known as Indis.

Recently along with the people from and Dariusz Ejkiewicz of we were running a wallpaper design contest. The project turned out to be a big success and thanks to all of the participants I’ve received 13 different wallpapers!

Part of the prizes for the winner is this blog post so I would like to give the stand to Indis and you will be able to read some information about her.

My name is Gabriela, 25 years of age, not penalized 😉

Click here to see Indis’ Portfolio

I am working on computer graphics for 5 years now. In the beginning my work was only for personal use and then I started designing wallpapers and other graphics that were sports themed (work for My favorite type of design work is photo manipulation but for the past 2,5 years I have been much more into non-commercial work – mostly web design. I also work on creating logos and in the future I would like to expand my skills to vector design work.

About the wallpaper

Most of the sports wallpapers that I see are very colorful. I wanted to create something different without huge amounts of colors and insane effects in the background. In Sports you have to work hard to achieve something – that’s why the idea of this wallpaper was streetball like – no fireworks or colorful ornaments – Just Torey and Ball. And in my opinion basketball is a stylish sport, that’s why I kept it simple.

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GFXWorld Wallpaper Contest – Winner!

Congratulations to Indis for Winning the 1st Wallpaper Contest!

For the past few weeks along with the guys at we have been running a Wallpaper contest (Check out the shoutout video).  We finished everything last week and all of the great works that have been sent should be on the website by tomorrow! I would like to thank Kamil Pietrzak (aka BiG) for running things on the board and helping out with everything. I would also like to thank all of the participants of the contest for sending in the works. I greatly appreciate your efforts and I hope that you will like the prizes that will be sent to you in the upcoming days.

I would like to congratulate Indis who won the contest! You package should be out soon as well as the blog post on the website! I really enjoyed the work that you have submitted. More in depth information about what I liked most can be seen in the Video above.

Check out all of the designs in my Wallpapers Section

I hope that in the future I will be able to run more contests and that GFXWorld will once again want to team up! Thank you and I greatly appreciate it.


New Wallpaper Download – Conquer Your Fear

Conquer your Fear

Wallpaper by Dariusz Ejkiewicz of

Another busy day over here at as you know I am trying to bring you some new things each day.  And today I have a special suprise for all of you fans out there in the States, Poland and around the world!

Once again the guys at hooked me up with some incredible content. This time I would like you to download the wallpaper created by my man Dariusz Ejkiewicz.  This wallpaper is graced with a great motivational quote that each true leader should think about when getting on the court. It’s in the colors of Turow that I am currently representing so each Zgorzelec fan can show the Green on their desktops right now!

Click here to download the wallpaper from Gallery Section

The creator Dariusz Ejkiewicz is a designer who also brought my website to life along with Kamil Grzegorczyk. You can check their webdesign work at and if you would like to see more design work by D you should see his Portfolio at As for the photography on this piece it was provided by Turow and done by Sadowski and Maz of you should check them out and their great work!

Please leave comments here if you like this type of content and if you want to see more. And keep LowGravity in mind for any type of online work, they know their business!

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