Vlog Introduction

Here is an introduction on what my Vlog’s are going to be about.  You can go to ask torey to let me know if you want to see something in particular or want to know about something.

Third Vlog – interview with Michal Gabinski

Another interview, this time with my teammate Michal Gabinski during our stay at the hotel in Poznan, Poland.

Second Vlog – interview with Mateusz Jarmakowicz

My second Vlog post is an interview with Mateusz Jarmakowicz who plays Center on my team, Turow Zgorzlec. This interview was made when the team was on a road game against PBG Basket Poznan.

First Vlog – interview with DJ Jackson

This is the first installment of my brand new Video Blog. I want to show you a piece of me and how the world and culture of basketball looks when you are on a global journey. In this first Vlog I am talking with my current teammate from Turow Zgorzlec, David DJ Jackson. We talk about Poland and our current team placed on the border of Poland and Germany in Zgorzlec. Check it out!

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