BIG Gallery Update!

Hello my followers! I have some good news today for all of you that are interested in watching some basketball photography. Today I have made a big update to my website gallery. In it you will find shots from our last 3 home games here in Turów where w played against AZS Koszalin, Polpharma Starogard Gdanski and Siarka Tarnobrzeg. All of the photography has be provided to me by Grzegorz Bereziuk of who I would like to thank once again.

Also a special treat for all of you Holy Cross fans, there was a big update to my college galleries (you’ll need to scroll down the gallery section). In there you will find 4 game picture galleries and one preseason photoshoot gallery. If any of you Holy Cross fans have some personal pictures taken of me during the course of my college career please send them over, I would love to post the fan pics! You can send me the links via the contact page.

Please visit my Gallery Page right now and check out the shots, I hope you will like them.

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