Some footage of Life in Poland!

How is all my followers doing?!  I just want to give you some footage of life in Poland.  Playing basketball is of course the most important aspect of my time over here in Poland but life outside of the court is very interesting.  I will periodically post Vlogs about my experiences over here in Europe as a whole but specifically in Poland where I am located for this season.  I hope you enjoy it!

Gameday Round up #5 Trefl and Czarni

The nature of the game is hard to swallow. Coming off a great win last week vs Poznan this week we held a 10 point lead throughout the game but lost by 2 points in overtime to Trefl. The game was filled with excitement. We started off very strong executing our offense and playing solid defense to open up the game taking a 36-27 lead into halftime. In the second half of the game Trefl cut into the lead and came back into the game. We exchanged basket throughout the rest of the game and went into overtime! They ended with an 83-81 win over us in a heartbreaking loss right before the New Year.

I got a chance to go home for a few days.  It was exciting to see my family and friends but in the process I had a bad cold virus and was sick my time there and coming back to Poland out for the rest of the week!  Ivan Koljevic did a great job stepping up for the team and helping to secure this victory!

Tonight’s game was versus the number one team in the Polish Basketball League, Energa Czarni Slupsk. This is the way to start off the New Year with a huge win! The energy in the arena was great. The fans were really ready to support and cheer on their team! The game started off very intense and the score was close in the first half in which we took a 7-point advantage into halftime 49-42.

We followed our game plan very well tonight. We had to limit their fast break points because this team really runs very well and they play penetration and kick out to their shooters for open 3-point shots. They thrive off of open court 1-on-1 and we limited that tonight. In the 3rd quarter we really opened up the game. We went on a nice run making plays on the fast break and playing very tough defense. We did not let up this game and when the buzzer sounded 95-78 was the final result!

Czarni Slupsk was lead by Jerel Blassigame with 22 points, Mantas Cesnauskis 15 points, and Bryan Davis with 13 points and 7 rebounds.

We were lead by 5 players in double figures. Ivan Koljevic had 21 points and 6 assists, David Jackson 12 points, Robert Tomaszek 12 points, and myself with 11 points and 8 assists. This was a great team effort we had outstanding rebounding by Ivan Zigeranovic, Michal Gabinski, and Marko Brkic.

I would like to thank the fans for really making it a fun place to play and always cheering and supporting us! I love the chant “Torey…Thomas” at the free-throw line! Go Turow!

Team Highlight Video

Hello to all my followers!  We are approaching the New Year!  I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable New Year.  I am posting videos of my team PGE Turow and the highlights of the games we have played.  Here is my first edited video vs Anwil.  Please check it out and leave comments or feedback!

Now Blogging for!!

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All of the visitors! I am very happy to announce to you that I have been selected by From now on I will be blogging some of the more interesting pieces about my European Journey for the Eurobasket fans. I hope that all of you following will see this opportunity as one more step towards spreading the word about Polish basketball. And of course I will always represent all of the countries that I have visited  on my european travels, Holland! Sweden! Turkey! Great friends and great memories!

My name is Torey Thomas and I am from White Plains, New York. I graduated from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts in 2007 with a degree in Sociology and Pre-law. I am currently playing in my fourth season Professionally in Europe. I am the point guard on PGE Turow Zgorzelec basketball team in the Polish league (PLK). I chose to play for PGE Turow because I have heard that this club was very professional and had a winning mentality. The city Zgorzelec borders Gorlitz, Germany so I can be in Poland at one time and in Germany five minutes later! That’s called Country hopping! Life in Poland has been pretty good we practice twice a day and we play once a week usually Saturday evenings. Now the travel is a different story! We have bus trips that are ten hours long to go to games! Luckily I have enough songs on my iPod to help me through half of those hours. I can’t imagine when it consistently snows and is -15 degrees Celsius outside it probably will be a whole day of traveling to get to some games. Nonetheless, when I do get to the games it is always electric in the arenas! The fans are up chanting from the tipoff until the final buzzer.

Many people ask questions about European basketball: what are the similarities what are the differences? I want to point out an interesting difference. Unlike the United States every country has their own respective league. Each country has their own local league games in which the teams from that country compete with each other and they only travel to games inside that country. This concept changes when a team participates in either Euro league, Euro cup, and Euro challenge then they will travel to different countries to play teams in their pools. In most leagues the games domestically are played once a week usually on the weekend and the whole city shuts down to see the game. In Poland every game that we have played the crowds have filled the stands and even a record-breaking attendance game between Asseco Prokom and Trefl Sopot of 10,015 People!

I have yet to witness many similarities in the European game in comparison to the United States game. The three second lane key is not a trapezoid anymore it is a rectangle. We play with three referees and the make the same hand gestures when you hit a three point shot or foul offensively and defensively. The style of basketball is totally different in my opinion. You definitely have to adapt to the way the game is officiated.

Aside from basketball I really urge players to get immerse into the culture of the country. Find out what the people of the country like and dislike and also when they have holidays. I believe if your going to be over here for nine months at a time learning about the country your playing in is important to your overall experience of playing in Europe.

Thanks for reading my introductory blog for!

Fourth Vlog – Interview with Ivan Koljevic

This is my 4th interview with teammate Ivan Koljevic on the bus on our way to a Polish cup game.

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