Gameday Round Up #2 – Turow at Zastal

Zastal is the 2nd place team in the Polish league standings. We knew coming into the game that we were in for a tough one. Going into Zastal is a hostile environment. 5,000 screaming fans, unique chants and deafening noise. The fans started before the opening tip and didn’t stop until the buzzer sounded getting louder and louder as the minutes ticked to 40.

Our game plan was to limit their fast break points, offensive rebounds, and limit them getting their crowd more involved into the game then they already would be. The individual players we needed to contain were Chris Burgess (7 points, 10 rebounds) and Walter Hodge (12 points, 5 assists) Zarko Comagic stepped up for them with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Also Marcin Flieger with 11 points.

The game was played in a up-tempo pace in the first half back and forth. We traded baskets early but then accumulated an 8-point lead. That lead quickly evaporated and we took at 2-point lead 40-38 going into Halftime. The 2nd half of the game was still a slugfest both teams playing hard nose defense and fighting for every possession to count. With about 28 seconds left to play up 2 points we played tremendous defense causing a 24 second shot clock violation to seal the game with 4 seconds left.

David Jackson was a clutch performer hitting huge shots and collecting 18 points. Marko Brkic was also another top-notch performer netting 17 points. Konrad Wysocki had 13 points and 6 rebounds with 2 clutch baskets at the end of the game. I collected 11 points 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. This was another great team effort to get the victory. The Turow fans were great we had a nice cheering section and they were well known in an arena that could have easily drowned them out. The Turow fans were top notch and hung right in there with 5,000 fans! We appreciate all the support!

Team Turow spends time with Less Fortunate Kids!!

Taking Pictures in Gawrosz - Picture by G. Bereziuk

Playing Basketball is an honor and a privilege. I believe many people overlook that and forget that there are less fortunate people in the world. Being able to go visit the center and see the kids puts things in perspective. We are the fortunate ones who can play a sport that we love and earn a living. When you are blessed with these abilities then I feel it is a necessity to give back to your respective community especially to the children.

The center we visited is called “Gawrosz – Prophylactic center for kids and teenagers.” They help kids from multi-child families; ones that are poor and that might be suffering from pathologic functionalities. You can see their website at: Gawrosz in Zgorzelec.

Through the years almost 1,000 kids have went through Gawrosz. Currently they have 100 or so people under their supervision and about 30 kids daily stay there ranging in ages of 3-16 years old. Every day they have special activities like sports, art, socio-therapeutic activities, cooking, education, computer activities and theater. Once a week the kids go swimming, they also visit cinemas or have field trips if the money allows it. The place works with police, psychologist and special doctors who help out the kids.

Something I would like to say to all of the Kids from Gawrosz in Polish:

Doceniam waszą siłę i odwagę. Mam nadzieję, że dobre rzeczy przydarzą się wam wszystkim.

We spent a few hours talking to the kids, playing with the kids, answer questions and giving them gifts. The joy that comes from seeing these kids smile is priceless. Everyone on the team enjoed going to Gawrosz and spending that quality time with the kids. They interacted with all of us very easily and even a few kids were learning English and they said a few words to us in English. This was a refreshing experience basketball plays an important factor in pulling people together!

Stay tuned for my Vlog video from the event, I am very happy that along with my teammates we are able to visit kids and make thier days better! Doing work in the community always means a lot, regardless which part of the world I am at.

Behind The Scenes Footage of PGE Turow!

Here is some promised behind the scenes footage from the PGE Turow Arena. In this movie I would like to show a bit of the facility we play in. My teammates Michal Gabinski, DJ Jackson and Ivan Koljevic are also in this movie. There will be more exclusive footage from Turow for all my Zgorzelec fans and all you supporters around the world.

Game Day Round Up #1 – Polpharma at Turow

Each week I’m going to give you my thoughts on the game that Turow has just played. This week we played Polpharma at Home in Zgorzelec. This was a long tough week of practice because we previously let a game slip out of our hands into Kotwica’s. We were up by 18 points at one point in the game only to relinquish the lead in Overtime. Ted Scott has a season high of 37 points he was on fire but we still controlled the whole game until the end. The bitter taste in our mouth is left for the whole week and practice was very intense!

Now were back home with a televised game against Polpharma is a scrappy team who can really drill it from 3 point range. Our goals were to play great transition defense, key in on their 3 point shooters, and rebound. We got off to a strong start playing aggressive defensive and limiting their fast break points.

We had a nice balanced attack going into the game. Every player contributed in a significant way and we were able to hold off a pesky Polpharma team lead by Michael Hicks’ 23 points and Deonta Vaughn’s 17 and the late flurry of 3 point shots by Tomasz Cielebąk.

The fans were on their feet the entire game! We feed off of their energy they worked the referee’s very well and had their chants going non-stop! The electricity in the arena fueled our runs!

The pace of the game was up tempo which the score indicated 92-84 in favor of PGE Turow. The leading scorers were Ivan Koljevic with 17 points with three crucial 3-pointers in the 2nd half of the game. Marko Brkic 14 points and 8 rebounds, Konrad Wysocki 11 points and 8 rebounds, Ivan Zigeranovic 12 points, and myself with 16 points 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 steals.

It is always a great thing to have multiple players in double figures but I have to give credit to the interior players like Robert Tomaszek and Michal Gabinski who really played tough for us under the paint. Our perimeter players David Jackson, Michael Kuebler, and Bartosz Bochno played key roles in making this a total team effort to get the win!

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