The 914 Artist Showcase!

Hip Hop Showcase

Do you Love real Hip Hop? GOOD so do we.  Thanks to Torey Thomas the emerging Hip Hop Talent of Westchester received a rare opportunity to showcase their Spitfire, Lyrical master pieces to a crowd of over 100 hip hop lovers. On Thursday, June 23rd 2011, Torey Thomas along with Jackie Blue’s Lounge of White Plains, NY, gave stage to the 12 of the 914 area artists such as JCA, Show- Off, Loose Canons, T.R.E. Double that came back home after moving away to Atlanta  Malley, R3play, Biz of Laslaf, and Cory Flook .  This crowd was excited to see faces they knew and loved taking the stage. They rhymed along with every lyric and gave massive amounts of love to these artists making history one word at a time.

This event was monumental not only for its talent but for its message, Real Hip Hop still lives and it’s here to stay. A night where almost three hours of non commercial hip hop was played and the crowd was moved was an amazing sight. Some of these artists get more chances to hit the stage than others, but it was great for one night to see them all come together. This event also broke the stereotype of all Hip Hop shows ending in violence, not a single incident occurred which proved that not only is Hip Hop here to stay but it is all grown up.

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