Snowed in The Polish Edition!

A short vlog on how my car was stuck in the snow for 3 days!  My teammates came to my rescue shoutouts to Mateusz, DJ, and Marko for the help!

Some footage of Life in Poland!

How is all my followers doing?!  I just want to give you some footage of life in Poland.  Playing basketball is of course the most important aspect of my time over here in Poland but life outside of the court is very interesting.  I will periodically post Vlogs about my experiences over here in Europe as a whole but specifically in Poland where I am located for this season.  I hope you enjoy it!

Team Turow Visits the Kids @ Gawrosz!!

This is some of the footage I took while visiting kids of Gawrosz in Zgorzelec with our team. You can read about the whole event in my blog post Team Turow spends time with Less Fortunate Kids.

Behind The Scenes Footage of PGE Turow!

Here is some promised behind the scenes footage from the PGE Turow Arena. In this movie I would like to show a bit of the facility we play in. My teammates Michal Gabinski, DJ Jackson and Ivan Koljevic are also in this movie. There will be more exclusive footage from Turow for all my Zgorzelec fans and all you supporters around the world.

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