Ron Dorsey- Balling from the Land Down Under!

Ron Dorsey Melbourne Tigers

What Up Doe world? Thanks to Torey Thomas for giving me the opportunity to blog on his website, appreciate it bro. Well lets get started with a little intro into the life of Ronald Dorsey. Born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, MI. Growing up I attended the Pershing High School (Doughboys).

After graduating in 2001 I was blessed to be offered my first basketball scholarship to play 2yrs at Schoolcraft College where I bettered myself as an individual on the court, but most important in the class room as well! In 2003 I moved south to attend McNeese State Univ., a small town by the name of Lake Charles, LA where I decided to spend my last 2yrs as a student-athlete as a Cowboy.

Immediately after graduating from college I went dream-chasing to pursue my DREAM of becoming a professional ball player! So that meant driving 12hrs to Boston from Detroit for a Explorer Camp with my Juco teammate “Dion Sherrell” and his Granny who gave us pep talk the whole way there to get us HYPE and our minds focused on this one in a life time opportunity to play ball overseas! lol Let it be known, with her belief in us, talks with my family back at home and my AMBITION to make it to the next level, it worked for me!! God had sent me my blessing and was driving back home with all smiles the whole 12hrs to Detroit. STAY TUNED to find out more about how I got my first pro contract and the different road it took me to end up playing in Melbourne, AU for the Tigers!

Louis Johnson Slovakia’s Finest!

Hello World, my name is Louis Johnson my friends call me LJ. This is my second year overseas and I am really thankful for the opportunity and embracing each moment. There are so many people who wish they could travel the world and play this game. My first yr I was in Portugal (team name Fisca) Southern Europe (great weather) being from Chicago that means no snow. The experience was far better than my team and it was very frustrating situation at times. I was a part of a losing team and we didn’t make the playoffs, but through the losing I still tried to learn as much as possible from the older players to help me for future endeavors and elevate my game.

Now currently I am in Slovakia, (team Spiska Nova Ves) (Northern Europe) the regular season is coming to an end we have secured the 2nd seed for the majority of the playoffs until the final round. The atmosphere here is much different than Portugal, fans really get into the games and support basketball whether they are supporting an 8th place team or 1st place team. Every road venue I have been to the fans have been really live and exciting. From lighting fireworks and screaming at us it is a great atmosphere to play in. I really like it here maybe because we are winning games. When you win everyone is happy.

As a team we are focusing on getting better and finishing the final game of the season on a good note, and preparing for the playoffs. I’m really looking forward the physical play of the playoffs I have heard so much about. It will my first time as a Pro in the playoffs and I am really excited. But until the next time you can catch me in the gym trying to get better. Focused on winning this championship. Follow

Physiotherapist – Serdar Inan!

Hello I am Kawa also named Serdar for the people who know me, my last is name is Inan.

I am 21 years old and still doing some education.  My parents are from East-Turkey; I was born in the Netherlands in a small town called Nijmegen. I love basketball. Nijmegen has also a Basketball club Magixx Playing for kidsRights.

I am studying now for physiotherapy I need 4 more years to graduate, I am currently doing my internship experience with the basketball club Magixx Playing for Kidsright in the Dutch Basketball League (DBL), the basketball club is located in Nijmegen, Netherlands. I am in my second season with the Magixx. My job description with the Magixx is helping to prevent the players from injuries and massage therapy.

I have always dreamed about being physiotherapist in the DBL. I have already accomplished my goal in the Dutch Basketball League (DBL) from my internship experience up so I have changed my goals for the future and I really want to go to America after my studies here in The Netherlands.

During my Bachelor studies I want to go to the United States for some experience.  I really want to get a taste of the American culture and how they work and live there.  I prefer going to New York a major city in America with endless opportunities and possibilities for me.  In the United States I want to become a physiotherapist in the somewhere in basketball in the levels of Division 1, 2, 3 and Also the NBA-D league.  My goal is to help the players when they have an injury and get them back on the court as soon as possible.

Here is my first blog displaying people who are behind the scenes of the game that are very important to players and very necessary to showcase what they do and how they are beneficial to athlete’s success.


Brandon Mcknight – Faithful Traveler

What’s up world! This is Brandon McKnight from South Bend IN, i attended Purdue University and I’m currently playing in Le Havre France. My team name is Le Havre which is about two hours from Paris. I arrived here two weeks ago so everything is still pretty much knew to me. I finally got the deal I wanted in a great league and country, but the process waiting at home got kind of tough at times. I kept my faith in God and he blessed me with a great opportunity to showcase my skills in a great league. This is my sixth season playing professional basketball. I have played in Turkey, Sweden, Israel, and now France. All of these countries are unique in their own way and I have learned a lot by being apart of all the cultures. I learned to speak Turkish fluently after living there for two straight years and believe me its a difficult language to learn.

My team here in Le Havre is currently is sixth place in the league. We are coming off a great win saturday with a layup at the buzzer!! I’m so thankful to be able to take advantage of my gift and getting paid doing it. Its rough sometimes being away from family and friends, but when your pursuing your dream its all worth the ride. You can keep up with me and my team on we are on the hunt to make a big run here. Since i been here we are 2-0 and looking to make it 3-0 before Christmas break. Stay tuned i will be blogging more after we come from break. God Bless world!!

Bobby Davis – Patiently Waiting

Former USC Upstate standout men’s basketball player Bobby Davis wrapped up his first professional season playing overseas with the Matrixx Magix in Holland, turning in a strong rookie season and emerging as one of the go-to players on the team.

Davis, who was a two-year star for Upstate from 2007-09, averaged 10.7 points and 6.8 rebounds per game for the Magixx. He led the team in rebounding and was third in scoring. He shot 52.7 percent from the floor and developed his outside game while hitting 34.9 percent from behind the three-point arc on 29-of-83 shooting. He also averaged 1.7 steals and 1.2 assists per game.

Davis, who grew up in Aiken, S.C., turned in three double-doubles on the year and helped lead the Magixx into the quarterfinals of the Eredivisie playoffs before being eliminated by ZZ Leiden. The Magixx posted a 23-13 record on the year.

The process by me waiting for the past 6 months is very stressful for someone who’s been playing basketball since 2 yrs old its not fun to not be able to be on a team. I love playing basketball and for me not to be on a team right now isn’t good for me because I have a family that I have to take care of. Being a father of two little boys who looks up to me and me not being able to work is really stressful. They say good things happen for those who wait so I have just being patient as much as I can and just waiting for my opportunity to get back on the court. I believe a player with my talents should be able to play somewhere and I believe I need the right connects for me to showcase my talents.

says Bobby Davis

Davis is the sixth player to play for Upstate head coach Eddie Payne to go on and play professionally, joining Ivica Grgurovic (2004-06, Croatia), Kevin Harrington (2000-04, ABA), Charleston Long (2003-05, Australia), Luke Payne (2004-08, Australia) and Petros Tsampas (2002-04, Greece) in the pros. Davis led Upstate to its most successful season during the Division I era in 2008-09. The Spartans won nine games, including eight A-Sun contests, to post the most overall and league wins since Upstate moved to Division I in 2007. He was a second-team all-conference selection after being the only player in all of Division I basketball to lead his team in scoring (14.8 ppg), rebounding (9.2 rpg), assists (76), steals (45) and field goal percentage (52.8%).

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