Busta Rhymes Live!!

Torey Thomas and Justice 360 Entertainment,
Presents Busta Rhymes

A Hip Hop legend and Icon came to White Plains. In true Torey Thomas fashion he made the impossible happen. Torey Thomas along with Justice 360 Entertainment brought not only the legendary DJ Funk Master Flex out, but also accomplished getting the one and only Iconic Busta Rhymes to perform at Cabo Lounge in White Plains, NY on Saturday, July 9th 2011.  People came out in overwhelmingly large numbers to get a glimpse of this Hip Hop Icon, let alone get in to watch him perform.  Hundreds lined the streets before 10pm and by 12am Cabo’s walls were busting at the seams, while the line continued to grow outside. This event was unmatched Torey Thomas himself was amazed with the turn out.  If you are wondering, why all the fuss about Busta Rhymes, here are some things you should know.

In 1996 Busta Rhymes busted out on the Hip Hop scene after leaving Leaders of the New School with “Whoo-Hah!, Got you all in check”.  With his quick tongue, comedic undertones and mastery of word play, he captivated the words attention.  He continued on that path with singles like; Put Your Hands Where my Eyes Can See, Gimme Some More, Break Ya Neck, Pass the Courvoisier and Make it Clap, this are songs that will forever be ingrained in our minds and will always get the party going.  He has also collaborated with Icons of other genres such as Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson.  We love Busta Rhymes for his consistency of lyrical content and style. He is a significantly identifiable voice in Hip Hop. There may be many that try to duplicate this man, but with more than 15 years in the game and a sound like no other MC they on in an uphill battle.

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