My Polish Crib!

I gave you a sneak peak trailer of my crib out here in Poland but now here’s the whole thing!   This is another DJ “Spike Lee” Jackson joint, as you can see the camera work is superb on his part, big ups to DJ! All comments and feedback are appreciated enjoy!

The Last Videos of Allstar Weekend!

This Video contains the footage of some of the Allstars going to visit kids in an orphanage in Kalisz.  This was a great way to start off the weekend! We had a lot of fun watching them dance, some even mentioned GoTorey on camera, check it out!

This Video contains a bit of my Harlem Globetrotter dribbling LOL and the slam dunk contest including Cam Bennerman, Lukasz Biedny, Tony Easley, Eddie Miller, and Bryan Davis!

This Video contains an Allstar interview with Ted Scott of Kotwica the PLK’s Leading Scorer!

Gameday Round Up #7 – Turow at Polonia

Another road game for Turow. This time it is in the Country’s capital of Warsaw versus Polonia and this was a hard fought game. Polonia is a dangerous team. The crowd was right on top of the court which made the atmosphere good to play in.  Polonia is a very strong rebounding team that uses its athleticism to convert offensive rebounds into easy points. We did a great job out rebounding them 45-31.  The defense was key because we did not give up many fast break points.

Polonia was led by Darnell Hinson with 21 points 7 assists, Tony Easley 21 points and 7 rebounds and Harding Nana 16 points and 8 rebounds.

Turow was led by Konrad Wysoski with a tremendous performance included 22 points and 7 rebounds, Marko Brkic 11 points and 9 rebounds, Ivan Koljevic 11 points, and David Jackson 10 points.

Despite shooting poorly from the 3 point line we manage to put together a great team effort to win the game!

I really can’t say enough great things about our fans! Turow fans represented greatly in Warsaw taking the trip from Zgorzelec a bus load deep to support their team! They were definitely the loudest section in the arena! Check out the video of the fans after the game! Lets go Turow!

Thank you for your support! It has been great and we felt like playing home court in Warsaw!

All-Star Game – Linkage and Roundup

What a great week this has been my GoTorey followers. Around this time last week I was starting the All-Star game festivities along with all of the other guys selected to participate in this event. I have to say that It has been an incredible experience for me, I’ve met so many great players, fans and everyone who was working around the Game. Statistics were not most important on that day but my team (South) managed to pull the W in this one, which feels very good.

This post is to sum up all of the updates and everything that has happened in the week following my All-Star presence. And right here I have to say Thank You! This is destined for all of the people who visited my website.  I had so many views on the website and All-Star Game movies had almost 4,000 views in that time! I am very excited by this fact and I have to thank Szczepan Radzki ( and Jakub Wojczynski (  for features on the websites about my videos from the game. They gave a great boost to the number of people visiting my website and Vimeo accounts. I mostly appreciate my man Darnell Hinson speaking about the website in the Postgame Conference:

On top of it I would like to thank all of the fans coming from Czarni Slupsk, Zastal Zielona Gora boards and of course my constant followers from Zgorzelec.

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Behind the scenes footage of All-Star Weekend!

Morning practice and look at the Kalisz Arena featuring: Jakub Dłoniak, DJ Jackson, Ivan Koljevic, Eddie Miller. And check out Harding Nana talking Polish!

Behind the scenes look featuring: Andrzej Pluta, Nikola Jovanovic, Harding Nana, Darnell Hinson, Marko Brkic, Chris Burgess, Walter Hodge,

On court interviews featuring: Michael Hicks, Cameron Bennerman, Bryan Davis, Daniel Ewing

During Allstar weekend in Kalisz I captured a good amount of video.  Here are3 videos that show the atmosphere of the Allstar game. I enjoyed the whole weekend and I hope the fans appreciate the videos of the practice, behind the scenes in the locker room, and also on court interviews done with various players that participated in the Allstar Game.  Your comments and feedback is definitely appreciated!

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