Torey named BEKO PBL MVP for months of October & November

We are proud to announce that Torey Thomas has been selected by the Beko PBLeague as the MVP of October and November. This is another Most Valuable Player recognition that Torey is receiving in 2011. Previously he’s been named the MVP of Polish League for both regular season and playoffs after a breakthrough season with Turow Zgorzelec.

The honor that Torey received for the games of November and October comes after some crucial games won by Spartak Primorie Vladivostok. The team started the season off strong winning (80-73) first time in 30 years against Unics Kazan (where Torey recorded 18 points, 11 assists, 6 rebounds, 2 steals in 30 minutes of action). Next up was an unfortunate loss  (74-81) at home against Krasnie-Krylia Samara but again statistically Torey shined with 21 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals in 31 minutes on the court.

I am both surprised and excited about receiving this award for October and November. It’s great to be recognized by the league but the best feeling is to have our team winning and proving the doubters that we are strongly motivated and will do everything to win for our fans. I know that we can continue to work hard and play strong throughout the rest of this season.

In game three of the season Spartak got a huge win (88-89) in an overtime thriller on the road at Nizhny Novogorod. Once again Torey scored in double figures with 15 points as he added 5 assists and 2 steals into the mix. Final game of November marked a clash between two former players of Turow Zgorzlec. Torey’s Spartak was playing Thomas Kelati’s Khimki Moscow Region on the road. This game was a huge upset and a great emotional win (82-95) for Spartak Primorie. Torey recorded his highest scoring game in Russia with 28 points (in 20 minutes) and iced the game with crucial free throws in the final minutes.

You can see the full stats for all the games played so far by clicking here. Read more about this in Russian at Spartak Primorie website.

Torey is PLK Most Valuable Player 2010-11

We are proud to announce that Torey has been selected as the Most Valuable Player for 2010-11 season in Polish Tauron Basket Liga. This special award comes after a great year of hard work and determination. Torey accepts this price as a part of the team effort that PGE Turow Zgorzelec played out through the entire season. This is a second MVP award given to Torey for 2010-11 season as he also was selected the Most Valuable Player for the regular season efforts.

The great playoff performance by Turow and it’s starting Point Guard came in noticed by the journalists voting for the best player. PGE Turow Zgorzelec played in all 19 Playoff games leading to deciding conquests against each of the rivals. Winning with PBG Basket Poznan in a best of 5 series and then advancing to the finals after beating a tought Trefl Sopot Team. The finals were not different and Torey and his team played all 7 games against the now 8 time PLK Champion – Asseco Prokom Gdynia.

During these tough series Torey played 34 minutes a game and each time around he was reminding that he can take whatever is neccessary in order to win. His attitude and drive to win was commented heavily online after his epic Game 2 interview with TVP Sport. His statistics for the intense 19 games of the playoffs included 15,63 points, 5,42 assists and 4,00 rebounds per game.

MVP and Coach of the year – both from Zgorzelec

According to journalists and correspondents of the Most Valuable player of this year’s regular season of Tauron Basket Liga is Torey Thomas of PGE Turow Zgorzelec. And the coach of the year is Jacek Winnicki.

Quarterfinals of the Tauron Basket Liga are in full effect but has to give the readers a roundup of the regular season. In a vote done in four categories the journalists and correspondents of (they were not allowed to vote for the players from their cities) and commentators of TV PLK selected the best – in our opinion – players and coaches. And here are the results.

Most Valuable Players (MVP): Torey Thomas

Point Guard of PGE Turow Zgorzelec, second team of the regular season has been a true team leader. He always played to the maximum of his abilities and many times saved wins for his team. In the vote he was slightly ahead of Daniel Ewing.

They also received votes: Cameron Bennerman, Energa Czarni; Jerel Blassingame, Energa Czarni; Daniel Ewing, Asseco Prokom; Darrell Harris, Kotwica; Walter Hodge, Zastal; George Reese, AZS.

Best Polish Player: Filip Dylewicz

Trefl Sopot forward came back to Poland after a year break and his experience and skills in scoring were a great help to Sopot on their way of getting the 3rd seed after regular season. Former Finals MVP of our league came in first just a bit ahead of Polpharma Point Guard, Robert Skibniewski.

They also received votes: Igor Milicić, AZS; Robert Skibniewski, Polpharma; Piotr Stelmach, PBG Basket; Konrad Wysocki, PGE Turów.

Coach of the Year: Jacek Winnicki

Second seed after the regular season and a comeback to the top of the Tauron Basket Liga after a year of worse play gave the PGE Turow Zgorzelec coach the possibility to earn this honor. Winnicki had a strong competition, few votes went to the coaches of Energa Czarni Słupsk and Trefl Sopot.

They also received votes: Dainius Adomaitis, Energa Czarni; Karlis Muiznieks, Trefl; Zoran Sretenović, Polpharma.

Best Five: Daniel Ewing (Asseco), Filip Widenow (Asseco), Konrad Wysocki (Turow), George Reese(AZS), Chris Burgess (Zastal)

Sidenote: The best five of the league did not include the MVP or the Best Polish Player. This is a specificity of the voting, in the other categories just a few votes were enough to win, here that number was too small. In the best five of the season according to the journalists we see two players from Asseco Prokom Gdynia, one from PGE Turow Zgorzelec and two paint stars of AZS Koszalin and Zastal Zielona Gora. Right behind these players were Torey Thomas, Filip Dylewicz and Darrell Harris.

They also received votes: Cameron Bennerman, Energa Czarni; Jerel Blassingame, Energa Czarni; Mantas Cesnauskis, Energa Czarni; Filip Dylewicz, Trefl; Darrell Harris, Kotwica; Walter Hodge, Zastal; Nikola Jovanović, Anwil; Paul Miller, Anwil; Harding Nana, Polonia; Grady Reynolds, AZS; Ted Scott, Kotwica; Robert Skibniewski, Polpharma; Torey Thomas, PGE Turów.

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