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Thank you

During the work on GoTorey.com many people sacrificed their time and brought great effort to get things done for me. I would like to thank all of them here.

Lowgravity.pl LowGravity founders Dariusz Ejkiewicz and Kamil Grzegorczyk for all of their hard work on this project. Without them this website would not have been possible. They have put in many hours to make this dream of mine become a reality.

  • Ksturow.eu – Huge thank you goes to Grzegorz Bereziuk for all the game pictures he allowed me to use throught the 2010-11 season.
  • Plugimages.com – Bartosz Sadowski of Sadowski&Maz for providing his incredible photography.
  • J-kaleta.com – Jakub Kaleta for his wallpaper design and support!
  • Difens.pl – Szczepan Radzki for mentioning me on his blog and all the help that he provided during my time in Poland.
  • Polskikosz.pl – Rafal Juć for news on his website.
  • Zgorzelec.info – Bartosz Seń for news on his website and great support in Zgorzelec.
  • Goholycross.com – Charles Bare – Sports Information Director @ Holy Cross College.
  • Telegram.com – Jennifer Toland – Journalist Worcester Telegram.
  • Powerforward.nl – Michel Kriek – Journalist.
  • Stamfordadvocate.com – Dave Ruden – Journalist Stamford Advocate.
  • Worldhoopsblog.blogspot.com – Vikas Chokshi – World Hoops Blog.

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