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Torey with Stan Greene
Community Spirit Award

MVP Basketball Camp is a nonprofit organization affording youth the opportunity to build basketball and life skills in a fun-filled atmosphere that celebrates diversity. Through its Community Outreach Program, MVP and its contributors provide for the attendance of as many economically disadvantaged campers as possible, creating a unique camp environment representing a wide variety of classes and cultures.

MVP was founded with a broad mission, growing out of a belief that in our increasingly fragmented society it is more and more difficult for children from different socioeconomic backgrounds to meet and get to know one another in a relaxed and informal way. MVP is committed to creating a camp experience where children of all races, ethnicities and economic backgrounds can mix, mingle and have fun together through the game of basketball “MVP” typically stands for Most Valuable Player, but at our camp, MVP signifies Most Valued Person because we believe there is so much more to basketball, and for that matter to life, than being the “high scorer.” At MVP, we use basketball to teach goal setting, fair play, leadership, perseverance, working with others from different backgrounds, and making the most of each camper’s individual talents.

By all accounts, MVP Basketball Camp has been extremely successful in instilling these qualities. Testimonials from parents and campers abound, and over the years numerous articles in papers like the New York Times, The Journal News, and the Scarsdale Inquirer have extolled the unique virtues of MVP. Thanks largely to our outstanding coaches, MVP Basketball Camp has realized the promise in Stan’s favorite quote:

The world may be different because you were important in the life of a child.

Our emphasis on character development unquestionably sets MVP apart from the crowd. But what really makes our camp special is the Community Outreach Program. Since it was founded, MVP has used donations and internally generated funds to allow nearly 4,000 kids to attend camp who would otherwise not be able to afford it. In addition to taking scholarship applications for the program from individual families, MVP has a growing number of partnerships with social service agencies in Westchester County that has enabled children from organizations such as Westhab Family Center, The Boys and Girls Club of Mt. Vernon, The Theodore D. Young Community Center, and Andrus Children’s Center to attend camp.

New York Blaze

New York Blaze Boys Team 2009

My life is about being around basketball 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But during that time I always think how I can help others and become a greater impact in my community. In this section I would like to tell you a bit more about the work that I do with my partners (Larry White, Kevin Higgs, Ivan Jones, and Jeff Lee) and the kids over at the New York Blaze.

New York Blaze Mission Statement

Official Logo of New York Blaze

Non-profit company built around friends and family. We offer help or assistance for any youth no matter where you come from rich or poor. The program runs on the time and dedication of six volunteers. The organization was started with the intent of making the community stronger by educating our youth on both the dangers and positive factors that come from growing up in a community such as ours. All volunteers donate time, money, and experience which is key to the success that we have had so far. We offer the following programs for youth 7 to 18: basketball; homework assistance; and life skills. Fundraisers are a big part of our company because it teaches a child to be responsible, while encouraging teamwork. Our mission is to save as many youth as we can from going down the wrong path, while guiding them towards a more positive and productive future.

Blaze Vision

Torey and Larry

For the past four years the Blaze organization has been reaching out to the local community in White Plains. Sponsoring year-round activities and educational programs offered free of charge. Through the hard work and dedication from coaches, parents, and local sponsorship, we have signed 50 youth to our workshops and AAU athletics programs for the last two years. In the near future we hope to be financially secure so that we may offer more opportunities to a larger geographic area.

One of the most important obstacles is to educate our student/athletes on the importance of education. If our youth focus on education and achieve good grades they have a chance to improve their situation before long. On the other hand, a failure to focus on education could lead our youth to places unimaginably negative. The Blaze program works on instilling senses of responsibility and ethics (i.e., each person must be accountable for his/her actions and also, each person has to learn how to deal with people in any situation that is presented–good or bad.

Overall, the Blaze has grown steadily and it’s a good thing for the community. Anyone interested in helping out is welcome and donations are greatly needed in order to continue the work that we have taken on.

Some of the activities we offer young people include:

  • Camping trips
  • Homework programs
  • Food drives
  • Healthy living
  • Speakers (teachers, lawyers, ex-cons, entertainment etc…)
  • Career choices
  • Life skills

Description of product and service

The Blaze provides youth with “life skills,” which we deliver as varied forms of mentorship, including but not limited to:

  • Helping them with any homework or extra projects they may have;
  • Setting them up with positive peers to build strong bonds;
  • Coaching them on and off the court in dealing with situations that may arise;
  • Teaching them how to succeed in life without getting caught up in the “system”;
  • Lending a hand as family would do if you need them for anything; and
  • Conducting food drives during the holidays to help the underprivileged families.

The idea is to send most kids to college or prepare them to join the work force with a skill or trade.

Blaze Tournament

By providing “life skills”, we aim to position the youth so that they are prepared to become productive members of the community.  It ranges form teaching someone how to brush their teeth correctly to how to invest his/her money; from how to act towards others to teaching the dangers of drugs; from how to practice safe sex to job interview skills; and the list goes on-and-on. Our job is to steer youth towards the most positive direction.

Our program deals with teaching the fundamentals to beginners; through basic skills and the importance of paying attention to detail, corrections are part of change and growth. Most programs charge a fee to attend or to participate in activities. The best thing about our club is that it’s free to the public. Kids can learn for cheap without the politics of slow progress.

Most clubs have the same chance at success but only a few make it big, while others reach their goals and achievements. The real competition comes from working and keeping the youth focused on his/her responsibilities. The clubs that we compete against are boys/girls club, youth center, Slater Center, recreation dept, schools, and other AAU clubs.

Management Plan

New York Blaze Players

New age companies are trying new and innovated ways to approach customers. The blaze has focused on working with the youth to identify the wants of today’s child without bias towards change. Our company works close with the youth on marketing from tee-shirts, book bags, uniforms, tournaments, practice equipment and educational needs. Activities outside of sports help to build structure towards others without feeling like you have to play basketball. That’s why we travel as a program, not as a team all participants are welcome to attend. We all are learning from each other that’s what makes the job so challenging and exciting.

The expectations that we have set are very high on the children. We hope that all of our kids go to college but preferably on scholarships. Good grades are part of the program requirements; to participate in the program you must maintain an average of- 75 or C -but we encourage higher production for better results. If grades are below the requirement we have assistance to help you raise your grade level; not for sports but for self satisfaction and to build character in the long term. Responsibility stretches outside of the program, if you get in trouble in school or home or with the law suspension is pending until the proper channels are clear; we will not punish someone who is innocent.

The Coaches’ jobs are to motivate the child to believe that he/she can achieve anything if they put their mind to it, to get the youth physically fit and play in tournament games against other players. Mentoring participants on the right and the wrong ways to live his/her life, becoming a true friend at all times without judging their behavior. Discipline is an important part, the player or student must have respect at all time for the coach even if he/she is angry. We believe and teach good sportsmanship.

Management handles all of the non youth issues from sponsorship, budgets, parent conferences, Marketing, grants, facilities, coaches and assistants. Knowledge along with determination will be our key to success in the years to come.

2010-2011 Community Events with Turów

Taking Pictures in Gawrosz

During the course of the season in countries that I play at we many times take part in various community events. Whenever there is time between games and practices we try to show up as a team to those events made for the less fortunate.

The most memorable community action during the 2010-11 was definitely the memorabilia auction that I’ve ran with Szczepan Radzki of During the course of two weeks we were able to raise a great 1931 złotes for the kids at Gawrosz! Below you can find links to the videos from that event and everything that led to it is easily located under the Charity tag.

Below you are able to see more events that me and my teammates participated in during 2010-2011 season in Poland. You can leave comments if you feel like it under the posts from those events.

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