Behind the scenes footage of All-Star Weekend!

Morning practice and look at the Kalisz Arena featuring: Jakub Dłoniak, DJ Jackson, Ivan Koljevic, Eddie Miller. And check out Harding Nana talking Polish!

Behind the scenes look featuring: Andrzej Pluta, Nikola Jovanovic, Harding Nana, Darnell Hinson, Marko Brkic, Chris Burgess, Walter Hodge,

On court interviews featuring: Michael Hicks, Cameron Bennerman, Bryan Davis, Daniel Ewing

During Allstar weekend in Kalisz I captured a good amount of video.  Here are3 videos that show the atmosphere of the Allstar game. I enjoyed the whole weekend and I hope the fans appreciate the videos of the practice, behind the scenes in the locker room, and also on court interviews done with various players that participated in the Allstar Game.  Your comments and feedback is definitely appreciated!

Interview with Zastal Players Burgess & Hodge!

Before the All-star game I had the chance to catch up with Chris Burgess and Walter Hodge of Zastal.  Zastal team started of the season strong by beating the defending champion Asseco Prokom. For the first few rounds of the season they we’re on a roll. Both of the guys play most crucial roles for Zielona Gora, who is in the first season in top league this year.  Check out the interviews!

Interviews with the Polonia All-Stars!

While at the Hotel in Kalisz,  I interviewed guys that were staying close to my room.  The first series of interviews are a joint interview with Darnell Hinson and Tony Easley followed by a separate interview with Harding Nana.  Each player has a different story all very interesting and informative take a look! The next day Harding went on and won the All-Star game MVP with his great performance for the South team that I was a part of. You can read about the whole event in a specially translated article that was written by Szczepan Radzki, check it out here.

Comments are greatly appreciated!

2011 All-Star Weekend in Poland!

This is a trailer for the upcoming updates on the website. Thanks to all of the great players I had fun with this weekend I have tons of interesting footage. I hope that all of you will like the interviews and other things that I recorded with the help of Turow’s own Spike Lee, my man DJ Jackson. He was following me with the camera around the whole weekend for this exclusive behind the scenes footage on Kalisz All-Star Game!

Darnell Hinson’s Bold Prediction!

This is the widely heard about short interview with Darnell Hinson during Allstar Weekend. He predicts a win in the 3point shootout which later one he actually won! Darnell’s prediction was right in this exclusive interview for

Be on the Look out for more interviews and footage from Allstar weekend!

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