GFXWorld Wallpaper Contest – Winner!

Congratulations to Indis for Winning the 1st Wallpaper Contest!

For the past few weeks along with the guys at we have been running a Wallpaper contest (Check out the shoutout video).  We finished everything last week and all of the great works that have been sent should be on the website by tomorrow! I would like to thank Kamil Pietrzak (aka BiG) for running things on the board and helping out with everything. I would also like to thank all of the participants of the contest for sending in the works. I greatly appreciate your efforts and I hope that you will like the prizes that will be sent to you in the upcoming days.

I would like to congratulate Indis who won the contest! You package should be out soon as well as the blog post on the website! I really enjoyed the work that you have submitted. More in depth information about what I liked most can be seen in the Video above.

Check out all of the designs in my Wallpapers Section

I hope that in the future I will be able to run more contests and that GFXWorld will once again want to team up! Thank you and I greatly appreciate it. T-shirts are Here!

To all my followers there are now T-shirts that go along with the website! I want to give a special shout out to for their help in making this idea a reality. I would also like to thank the T-shirt designer Kamil Doliwa for his creative effort in designing the shirt and also providing the great T-shirt quality that people who have the T-shirts are raving about!  Here’s a trailer about the up and coming T-shirts! Enjoy!

My Polish Crib!

I gave you a sneak peak trailer of my crib out here in Poland but now here’s the whole thing!   This is another DJ “Spike Lee” Jackson joint, as you can see the camera work is superb on his part, big ups to DJ! All comments and feedback are appreciated enjoy!

Polish Cribs Trailer!

I wanted to show all of my followers how I am living in Poland.  I wanted to show my apartment.  Here is a trailer of what you will be seeing with the full version to come later.  Your comments and feedback are appreciated!

The Last Videos of Allstar Weekend!

This Video contains the footage of some of the Allstars going to visit kids in an orphanage in Kalisz.  This was a great way to start off the weekend! We had a lot of fun watching them dance, some even mentioned GoTorey on camera, check it out!

This Video contains a bit of my Harlem Globetrotter dribbling LOL and the slam dunk contest including Cam Bennerman, Lukasz Biedny, Tony Easley, Eddie Miller, and Bryan Davis!

This Video contains an Allstar interview with Ted Scott of Kotwica the PLK’s Leading Scorer!

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