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Time to end the summer – Welcome Poland!

There’s nothing like playing summer league basketball in New York City! Fresh off of playing with Team 914 in Hoops in the Sun @ Orchard Beach, EBC Rucker Park, Tri-State Classic on 145th street, and Dyckman it was time to make a move to Europe. More Specifically, Zgorzelec, Poland a small town of about 30,000 people bordering Gorlitz, Germany. I can literally be in two countries within 5 minutes of time that is very fascinating. Cześć to all my Polish people and hallo to all my German people. It is definitely a task to get to Zgorzelec because there is no airport in the town so on Aug 20th I flew from New York JFK airport 7 hours to Munich, Germany then from Munich an hour plane ride to Wroclaw, Poland and finally an hour and 30 minute drive from Wroclaw, Poland to Zgorzelec, Poland!

The game doesn’t wait for any person. The next morning I was in the gym working on individuals at 1030am and then again at 6pm. The people living in Zgorzelec are basketball fans and extremely passionate about the PGE Turow Team. The team concluded a 14 game preseason schedule and went 9-5 playing very strong competition that included teams that are competing in the Euro league, Euro cup, and Euro challenge. I got the chance to catch up with one of my college teammates and close friend Kevin Hamilton who plays for the NY Phantoms in Braunschwig, Germany. We played his team in the championship of our Turow President’s Cup Tournament.

My Stay in Poland has been very beneficial so far. I was able to play in all the preseason games and gear up for the regular season. There are only 22 games in the regular season so every game counts. Follow me on my European Journey; learn about the cultural aspects of different countries specifically this year I will be in Poland!

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