Welcome to has arrived!  Welcome to all my family, friends, and fans to my official website.  The process of building this website took serious time and energy but I hope that all of you will enjoy your journey throughout!

I will keep you updated with a written blog about my journey through Poland and Europe.  My Vlog section will cover various interviews and visualize how it is to live in Europe and specifically Poland.  My twitter ( will keep you updated my daily information and on my road trips to games.  Right now you can become a fan thanks to the new facebook fanpage that I have (

Please navigate through the website to find different articles about me, videos of me playing, T-shirts and gear for sale very soon, and you can ask me questions or leave comments on the contact page.  I look forward to reading the feedback and answering questions!

This Site was created by Lowgravity ( Brought to you by Dariusz Ejkiewicz and Kamil Grzegorczyk.  I recommend their work to any and every one interested in having their own website.  Their work is very professional and diligent.  The quality of their work speaks for itself.  The will take you step by step into the process of developing a website and give you all the tools necessary to bring the website to life!

I want to personally thank everyone involved in the development of the my website.  All the hard work and time is greatly appreciated.  To all my family, friends, and fans this website was designed for you I hope you like it!

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