Team Turow – Visits Youth Center!!

Signing Autographs for kids - Photo G. Bereziuk

Socio-threapeutic Center for Youth in the name of Janusz Korczak in Zgorzelec is a multi-function facility covering wide range of work and care for children and teenagers as well as their families. The structure of the center is based on three co-ed groups for 36 kids/teenagers that have to be stationed in the center on full-time basis or as two groups (20 children per group) that are taken care of as a “daily stay” type of visits.

In order to make the grades of kids better and to maximize the number of kids graduating their classes there are made extensive actions in order for schools to adjust their needs to the evaluations made by psychotherapeutic doctors. There are special meetings made with teachers in order to give a full psychological evaluation and full child information. There are also actions made in order to get scholarships for kids. The money is later used to buy books and cover school needs that each of the children has.

The core purposes of the facility is providing help to children who had educational difficulties, used alcohol or drugs and skipped school. The staff of the facility is educated in a way to understand the addiction and work against it. Crucial factor of the help is targeted into teaching children and teenagers about the dangers of alcohol and drug habits.

We are role models in the community and anytime we have the opportunity to put that on display we are welcomed with open arms. The kids in the youth center were extremely enthusiastic about us coming to their center. They were well prepared with chants when we walked into the front door really made us feel special and comfortable. The kids acted out a skit that was very fun, interesting and showed that they put their effort into it.

Team Turow was there to support this youth center and show our faces in the community who really supports our team. We gave out gift bags for all the kids in the program, signed autographs, and interacted with the youths. It really put us in the holiday spirit of giving!

If you are from the Center and you follow please write your comments – both polish and english will be answered by me directly! Jeśli poznaliście mnie w ośrodku i czytacie proszę piszcie do mnie komentarze – zarówno te po Polsku jaki po Angielsku dostana odpowiedzi wprost odemnie!

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