New Wallpaper Download – Conquer Your Fear

Conquer your Fear

Wallpaper by Dariusz Ejkiewicz of

Another busy day over here at as you know I am trying to bring you some new things each day.  And today I have a special suprise for all of you fans out there in the States, Poland and around the world!

Once again the guys at hooked me up with some incredible content. This time I would like you to download the wallpaper created by my man Dariusz Ejkiewicz.  This wallpaper is graced with a great motivational quote that each true leader should think about when getting on the court. It’s in the colors of Turow that I am currently representing so each Zgorzelec fan can show the Green on their desktops right now!

Click here to download the wallpaper from Gallery Section

The creator Dariusz Ejkiewicz is a designer who also brought my website to life along with Kamil Grzegorczyk. You can check their webdesign work at and if you would like to see more design work by D you should see his Portfolio at As for the photography on this piece it was provided by Turow and done by Sadowski and Maz of you should check them out and their great work!

Please leave comments here if you like this type of content and if you want to see more. And keep LowGravity in mind for any type of online work, they know their business!

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