Markel Humphrey-75 Feet away no worries All Net!!!

Markel Humphrey

Here is the third feature in my column that shows the game of various basketball players in Europe. The International Journey showcases the careers of people I’ve met and became friends with during my stay in Europe, I want to share my knowledge about their life and shows you how great they are.

From 2005-09 I played college ball for Marshall University I had a great career there breaking records to hitting game winning 75 footers which lead to one of the greatest shot in basketball history. Working hard through out college lead me to be a successful basketball player in Europe.

God has blessed me with the ability to play ball in Europe and I must say I am having the time of my life. I play ball in Holland for the Magixx Kids Rights this is my second year and I have had the opportunity to meet guys like Torey Thomas and was grateful to be on the same team as him. I learned a lot he taught me the ropes of European ball rules, being patient, and just how to have fun while doing so. My experience playing over here is something I can’t describe. Not many people can say they have actually lived in Europe let alone play ball over here. Everyday I get the chance to wake up and thank God for the blessing he has stored upon me. Everyday I get to live and breath basketball since I have my college degree I have nothing else to worry about but ball.

This is my second year in Holland. It’s not that much of a difference living here than the states. Thankfully most of the population here speaks good English that makes it so much easier to live here.

The fan support out here is GREAT!!!! Win or lose they are always positive to the team. I have yet to read any bad comments from our fans. They write on us on facebook, email, and twitter anything you can think of and to me that goes a long way. I hope you enjoyed this blog I’ve written. GOD BLESS everyone.

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