LIVE Game – Watch Torey against Khimki Moscow Region

Russian PBL is back in action today when Torey’s Spartak Primorie Vladivostok will face Khimki Moscow Region. The Spartak team will be playing at home in front of the Tigers fans.

Last game between these two teams ended with a huge road upset win of Torey’s Spartak team. TT in that game played one of his best matches in the Russian PBL posting 28 points and playing huge in crunch time. You can check out the game highlights here.

This time around Khimki will definitely not underestimate the Spartak squad. Once again all of the Polish fans of Turow Zgorzelec will be able to see two of their former players against eachother. Torey will play against Khimki’s Thomas Kelati, both had played an important role in the Polish squad during their time there.

The game is definitely a must watch for all GoTorey fans so Check it out Live right now by accessing the link below.

Live game stream on Spartak Primorie website or on Official website of the Russian PBLeague

Please let us know if the link is working and we will try to provide them for each game that Torey will play in the PBL! Comments and Likes are much appreciated either on the website or on Facebook.

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