Gameday Round Up #8 – Asseco at Turow

The match up of the week! This is our first time Playing Euroleague powerhouse Asseco Prokom because the game was switched until March because of scheduling conflicts. The stage is set both teams are on top of the standings in the PLK and it was a great game for Turow. The game started with many emotions the crowd was into it from the early beginning did not need any minutes to settle into the arena they were rocking!

Coming into this game we knew that we had to key on their main players Daniel Ewing, Filip Widenow and Ratko Varda. They really make this team run. We did an excellent job defending these three players. We knew that in order for us to have the best chance of winning we had to play great team defense, rebound, and run on the fast break. The game plan was executed thoroughly.

Asseco was led by Daniel Ewing with 13 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assist, Filip Widenow with 14 points and Robert Witka with 12 points.

Turow was led by Konrad Wysocki 14 points and 4 rebounds, Ivan Koljevic 12 points, David Jackson with 11 Points, and Marko Brkic with 10 points. The three ball was going down for us tonight 13/21 for a staggering 61%!

The fans arrived to the arena early for the showdown. As soon as the ball was tossed up mostly all the fans were in the arena it was jam packed and extremely live! The definitely led us with their great enthusiasm and spirit! This was a big win for us because now we are tied for 1st place in the PLK standings! Go Turow!

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