Brandon Mcknight – Faithful Traveler

What’s up world! This is Brandon McKnight from South Bend IN, i attended Purdue University and I’m currently playing in Le Havre France. My team name is Le Havre which is about two hours from Paris. I arrived here two weeks ago so everything is still pretty much knew to me. I finally got the deal I wanted in a great league and country, but the process waiting at home got kind of tough at times. I kept my faith in God and he blessed me with a great opportunity to showcase my skills in a great league. This is my sixth season playing professional basketball. I have played in Turkey, Sweden, Israel, and now France. All of these countries are unique in their own way and I have learned a lot by being apart of all the cultures. I learned to speak Turkish fluently after living there for two straight years and believe me its a difficult language to learn.

My team here in Le Havre is currently is sixth place in the league. We are coming off a great win saturday with a layup at the buzzer!! I’m so thankful to be able to take advantage of my gift and getting paid doing it. Its rough sometimes being away from family and friends, but when your pursuing your dream its all worth the ride. You can keep up with me and my team on we are on the hunt to make a big run here. Since i been here we are 2-0 and looking to make it 3-0 before Christmas break. Stay tuned i will be blogging more after we come from break. God Bless world!!

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