Ask Torey Questions # 2

I want to thank everyone for visiting the site. I have received some great feedback and I really enjoy interacting with all of you. I am back again with the Ask Torey questions and responses. I really enjoy reading the questions and responding. I am sorry that I took so long to get back to you but I am busy at times. We are in the heart of the season and I’m concentrating on helping Turow win basketball games. Nonetheless, please keep the questions coming and I will definitely respond! You can do so by visiting the Contact page and selecting the title as Ask Torey.

How do you like it in Poland?


Hello Matheo

I like Poland. I like learning about the culture. The people seem friendly and I have traveled to a few places around Poland and they have been interesting. Being in Poland gave me the opportunity to get this website up and running with the help of the company and their respective owners Dariusz Ejkiewicz and Kamil Grzegorczyk!

Do you have a wife or girlfriend?


Hi Magda,

No I currently do not have a girlfriend or a wife.

What type of Music do you listen to? Whats your favorite TV Series?


What’s up Dominik,

I listen to hip hop and rnb. I also like oldies but goodies which is music from the temptations, Ojays, and other old school rnb artist from back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. I also would listen to other music as long as I can nod my head to it! My favorite TV series doesn’t come on anymore but it was the Martin Lawrence show. He’s a hilarious comedian. Now I don’t watch much television.

I just watched your vlog and I have to say that’s a great opportunity for fans to find out more about you and your teammates. I would love to see your interview with people who did your brilliant website! That would be awesome.


Whats going on Jakub,

I appreciate you coming to the site and checking it out. I would love to interview the people who did my brilliant site also. That interview will probably come next year sometime when Turow goes to Gdynia to play. I will make sure to get an exclusive interview with one or even both of my website developers!

I am your Great Fan, I love your Game. I want to ask about what happened with your green nike hyperfuse’am?


What’s up Mike,

Thanks for being a fan! Keep watching and support me and the team! My Nike Green Hypefuse are going to the Dariusz and Jakub to of my friends who have designed posters for me and I agreed to give them those sneakers in exchange for the design.

What’s up with Keith Simmons?


Whats up Mike,

Keith Simmons is currently playing in Turkey. He plays for the top division in the Turkish Basketball League and his team name is Banvit who plays Eurocup. This is Keith’s third season in Turkey and 4th overall spending one season in Germany for the Frankfurt Skyliners. He’s having a great career!

Torey did you send me your autographed picture on the streets miłosza3?


Hi Daniel,

No I did not send you an autographed picture on the streets of milosza 3. Is that in Zgorzelec? If so when I get my posters I will make sure you get an autographed poster.

Hi Torey! My name is Katarzyna. My english is not very good but I think you will understand me. I don’t know if you remember me you play in Wrocław I did a picture with you and David under Orbita. Unfortunately I can not come to Zgorzelec for your games, maybe we meet in Wroclaw. Good luck in more matches.

Hi Katarzyna,

Yes I remember you! I have the tagged photo that you took on my facebook. I Hope you can come support the team in Zgorzelec for at least one game. Thanks for checking out the website!

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