Ask Torey #1-Initial Questions

The first four days of have been great. I have had 2,731 visitors to the site and over 9,000 page views!! I am extremely happy with the response of the website and how it has been welcomed by everyone that has entered.

I want to introduce you to a feature on the site that allows people to ask me personal questions and I will answer them. The column will be posted based on the number of questions asked and then I will post a blog answering the questions. To get to Ask Torey you need to go to the contact tab on the website and scroll down to ask a question.

Here are the first questions that have been asked in the first few days:

My name is Pawel (Paul in english). I collect sport autographs, but I don’t have yours. I please You to send me your autograph. I would be grateful.

Pawel Borkowski

Pawel I will definitely give you an autograph. When we travel to play Zastal I hope you can come to the game so I can give you the autograph personally!

I wanna be the best what you will tell me what i should do?


Matheo you have to work on your game everyday. I can give you some drills that can help you. I need to know what position you play. Treat your body right and get good rest. I am routing for you!

Thanks to you, our team has a chance to Zgorzelec master. Well you play. I really like you.!


Hi Martyna! Thank You for all your support I appreciate it and see you at the games!

Hi Torey! I would like to say I’m your very big fan. My english is not very good but I think you will by understand me. I don’t now do you remeber me. We met in Mc’donald’s I say oh my god it’s Thomas and you looked at me and my friends 馃槈


Hi Magda! Yes I remember seeing you at the Mac Donald’s with your friends! Thank you for all the support and keep coming to the games!

W czwartej kwarcie meczu z Poloni膮 Warszawa wyprowadza艂e艣 akcj臋 dw贸ch na jednego, kt贸rej nie poda艂e艣 pi艂ki do nadbiegaj膮cego bez 偶adnej asekuracji Michael’a Kuebler’a. B臋d膮c w贸wczas krytym zdecydowa艂e艣 si臋 na ryzykowne wej艣cie pod kosz, kt贸re zreszt膮 i tak nie przynios艂o dru偶ynie wi臋kszej korzy艣ci.

W zwi膮zku z tym mam pytanie: Dlaczego w tak istotnych momentach wa偶niejsze dla Ciebie jest nabijanie w艂asnych statystyk ni偶 dobro i wynik ca艂ej dru偶yny ??

In 4th quarter of the Polonia game you were going 2 on 1 at the break. In that action you didn’t pass the ball to Michael Kuebler. You were guarded but you decided to attack the basket, which didn’t bring anything good.

So my question is: Why in a clutch moment of the game it’s more important for you to get your stats up other than the good and score of the whole team?


English Hello Tomek it is never about my stats it is always about the good of the team. If I made a mistake on that play it was an honest mistake but in no way was I sacrificing the team in order to get my stats. My stats don’t mean anything if we lose. Thanks for your question and I hope you can see that I play with passion every play and will do anything to win the game.

Polish Witaj Tomek, nigdy nie chodzi o moje statystyki, ale o dobro zespo艂u. Je艣li taka akcja mia艂a miejsce to jest to m贸j b艂膮d jednak w 偶aden spos贸b niechcia艂em zaprzepa艣ci膰 wygranej zespo艂u 偶eby polepszy膰 moj膮 zdobycz. Moje statystyki nie znacz膮 nic je艣li przegrywamy mecz. Dzi臋kuje za twoje pytanie i mam nadziej臋, 偶e zobaczysz to 偶e potrafie grac z pasj膮 w ka偶dej akcji, i zrobie wszystko zeby wygra膰 mecz.

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