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Angela Pace

My Name is Angela ”SPEEDY” Pace I am 5’8 130 pounds. I am from Green burgh, New York. I attended Woodlands High School, and there I scored my 1,000 points. From There I attended Monroe College which is located in New Rochelle, New York. But also have a second campus which is located in the Bronx, New York. Monroe college was an Division III school. My Freshman year was a long year. At the end of the year our overall record was 36-0 and ended up winning a Division III National Championship in 2005 and received my first national Championship ring . My Sophomore Year, we lost key players and I knew we had to step up as a player and as a team. Our overall record Was 29-1, and ended up winning a 2006 conference regional championship and fell short in nationals. I received ”2006 Player of The Year” my sophomore year. After Junior College, I transferred to a Division I school which was located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The name of the school was Robert Morris University. My Junior year at Robert Morris we traveled a lot, played a variety of big schools from Nebraska University, Tulane University, Florida University, Virginia Tech and Rutgers University in the NCAA Tournament. It was the best experience and definitely a tough transition to make when coming from a division III junior college That year we ended up winning the 2008 NEC championship and participating in the NCAA tournament as a 16 seed. My Senior year, I ended up redshirting because of an injury. I dislocated my shoulder, tore my labrum completely, and fractured a piece of my ball and socket. This was a major setback because I wanted to accomplish a lot, so I had to make an decision on playing through the pain or not playing at all. I made the decision to sit out and come back stronger and healthier. The NCAA agreed to give me my year back. Now I became a Fifth year senior and I was ready to play because I felt like I had missed so much and sitting out is miserable especially if you have a strong passion for the game. We played Wisconsin University, Marquette University, Wright State etc. I averaged 19pts, 7 assists, and 5steals a game. At the end of the year I received NEC 2010 Player of the year, NEC 2010 Defensive player of the year, NEC 2010 First team, and made the NCAA ECAC team. From the school they awarded me with 2010 Outstanding Female Athlete of the year, and 2010 MVP of the year.

After Graduating from Robert Morris, I went on to play Professionally in Leipzig, Germany. This is an experience of a lifetime. A lot of people do not get a chance to play professionally, so if anyone ever gets the chance to play professionally, they should take advantage of it. I decided to make this decision because I have a strong passion for the game and ever since I was young enough to remember, I’ve always wanted to play professionally. These are the things and moments in your life that you shouldn’t regret. When I look back 20 or 30 years from now, I can sit down and share with people about my experience. One thing I was always taught “Hard work Never Fails anyone”.

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