Bartosz Seń: At this level of preparation how much does the win in Kasztelan Cup mean?

Winning the Kasztelan cup was great for our team. We showed good character competing in every game and it helps our confidence moving forward

Bartosz Seń: During the tournament your new point guard – Ivan Koljević played his first game. What do you think about his game

It was his first time playing with us as a team so he was just getting adjusted to the plays and he did a good job fitting in.

Bartosz Seń: Everything shows that you are going to be a leader of the team this year. You played very well in the exhibition games.

Yes I believe I am the leader on the court the point guard responsibility is to lead the team mentally and physically and make sure every player around him plays well. the team has definitely helped me be a leader.

Bartosz Seń: Do you think that the young Turow Team can achieve a lot this year?

Yes I believe this team has the ability to achieve good things this season we just have to take every one game at a time.

Bartosz Seń: What can be expected from Turow this year?

As a team we want to play great team basketball, tough hard nose defense and fight until the end no matter the result. Every game is important there are only 22 games in the season and we would like to finish in the top 4.

Bartosz Seń: During your tournament in Wroclaw you managed to visit the kids in hospital. What did that visit mean to you personally?

Visiting the children was definitely an important experience. As Basketball players we are very fortunate and blessed to be able to play basketball and not have any worries. so it was more important to visit the children in the hospital and help brighten up their day.

Bartosz Seń: Tell me how do you like living and and the life in Zgorzelec?

I feel good in Zgorzelec im getting around pretty easily the city is not so big but nice and its nice to be on the border of Germany also you can be in two countries at once!

3 Comments to Torey Thomas: I believe that I am the leader

  1. ZGC October 30, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Good Luck Mate , You should check point guards who played for turow in the past.

  2. Scottie O November 9, 2010 at 5:10 am

    Yo Stix im happy the that your doing well as a team as well as a individual player. I would like to see you play. I got some guts together and i’ve been flying lately but if not i would like you to make me a cd of some of your games and send it to me! The fundraiser is going pretty good for the 9 yr old kids going the Florida!

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