I have a concept that you can play basketball as an occupation but you can also find time to help others especially youth – says point guard of PGE Turow Zgorzelec, Torey Thomas before the game against Zastal Zielona Gora.

Grzegorz Bereziuk: This past Saturday was your 26th birthday. A day later you gave yourself a present (26 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists). Was the game against Polpharma the best one of your career?

Torey Thomas: The Polpharma game was for sure my best game on polish courts so far. I am very happy that I was selected as the MVP of 18th game round. That motivates me to playing better and proving that a good game by me was not just an incident. Although the most important thing for me is that my team won again. We fought in a hostile environment and came out victorious!

How did your adventure with basketball start? Does Torey Thomas have a basketball idol?

I started playing basketball at age nine in a park by the street next to my house. That place was called Ferris Avenue. That’s where everything started. Each time when I was going out to the park I was becoming more and more involved in the with basketball and it didn’t take long for me to become seriously interested in the sport. I practiced everyday to become better and better. When I was growing up my idol was Kevin Johnson. He was an explosive point guard for Phoenix Suns.

After losses to AZS Koszalin & Trefl Sopot PGE Turow’s locker room has to be calm again? Or shouldn’t we speak at all about nervousness?

After losses to Koszalin and Sopot our team reacted positive and the proof is the away win against Polpharma. You can say that we got back to the right track. As a team we understand that each upcoming game will be very hard for us. We realize that during the full 40 minutes even despite a big lead we need to be focused and ready. We live for each upcoming game and we stick together. We believe we can achieve our goals.

Is PGE Turow able to finish the regular season as the top team in standings?

I believe we have big chance to achieve that. But as I said we have a lot of hard work ahead of us. In the regular season we are still going to have five extremely important games so we don’t go too far into the future. Right now we are focusing on Zastal.

For many athletes you could be a role model. Along with your hard work on the court you still find time to help out the less fortunate kids. Your charity work has been widely and positively seen in Poland.

I am very happy that the Polish fans and the society is not indifferent to this. I have a concept that you can play basketball as an occupation but you can also find time to help others especially youth. It’s really nothing hard.

As one of few basketball players of Tauron Basket Liga you own your personal website. Does it help to be in touch with your closest friends and family?

My website has to serve my followers in the United States but also be a connection between me and fans of the countries I played in. Thanks to the website they all can contact me. It’s an extremely useful tool. Once again I would like to thank for everything they have done.

You have been in Zgorzelec for some time. How do you feel in a small city?

I feel very good in Zgorzelec. It’s a small city but the people living here are very nice and they show great support to the team. Zgorzelec is a good place to develop basketball skills and I am happy that I got here. Fans give us strength to fight each step of the way. I also try to reach out to the local community and have some impact on making certain things better within my possibilities.

PGE Turow stand before an important game against Zastal Zielona Gora (Sunday at 18) which you handled very good before. What do you have to do to keep a streak against them alive?

In Zastal game we need to limit the offensive rebounds of our rival and their fastbreaks. We need to guard their key players Chris Burgess and Walter Hodge. If we stick to our gameplan I think it can be good.

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