“At Home” – featuring Torey Thomas. On Saturday, when the team had a day off, we asked to visit Torey Thomas. The purpose of our visit – record a program that will soon appear on our official website

In between shooting Torey held a tour of his apartment. We offer you a small photo report.

Morning preparation

A very handy shower

In the drivers seat

Walk-in closet in the bedroom:

Torey is a big fan of actor Martin Lawrence. In his spare time he's watching movies and TV series on DVD featuring Martin.

There was also a place for discs with Spartak games.

No free day is complete without a sleeping mask.

In Torey’s own words – he cannot and does not like to cook – In my fridge you can always find eggs, milk and juices. I eat mainly in Vladivostok restaurants. Especially the ones that cook American meals. After practice I mostly order take-out. – said Torey.

By the way last week Torey received a care package from home. It had a variety of sweets, crisps, crackers.

Torey spends a lot of his time online. Whenever he gets some free time he uses it to work on his official website -

This time around Torey showed us his new desktop wallpaper

2 Comments to Photoshoot from Russian Cribs

  1. matthew polidoro December 5, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    i like that shower buddy hahahaha

  2. Shana January 17, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    very nice place Bro…Keep up the incredible work…Love you!!!

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