Today the Nets-Knicks joint pre-draft workouts concluded at New York’s Tarrytown location with Thaddeus Young of Georgia Tech, local product Daryll Hill of St. Johns, Roderick Wilmont of Indiana, and Torey Thomas of Holy Cross.

Forward Thaddeus Young is projected as a first round pick and more specifically a player making a good push for the lottery. He is in a very similar situation as a Monday workout participant, guard Javaris Crittenton. They were both Georgia Tech Freshman, they both averaged 14.4 points per game to lead the team, and they are both in close proximity to each other on the mock draft boards. Plus, they were college roommates. All those similarities must give them a lot to talk about.

“We talk to each other a lot,” said Young, of Crittenton.

“He’s been saying that he’s seen some tough workouts. He said New York is tough but you’ll make it through it. He was just telling me some things that he went through and it had me prepared for today.”

“I think Javaris is a great player, I think he has helped me get to a point where he challenges me with my game and I challenge him.”

The obvious difference between the two is the position. Young is a 6’8” forward whose play on the court gets comparisons to Paul Pierce.

Said Nets General Manager Ed Stefanski, “Thaddeus Young obviously is a big talent. Good size, shoots the ball very well, and he’s athletic. Those three things bode well for him in the draft.”

On the topic of comparisons, Young sees his game more mirroring Tayshaun Price.

“I have the left-hand hook and I like to back guys in a little bit.”

The left-hander admits that playing better with his right hand and ball-handling are the aspects of his game that still need work.

Daryll Hill was the player today who had the local angle going for him. Out of St. Johns, the player nicknamed “showtime” is trying to show teams that he is back from a left knee surgery which took parts of his junior and senior seasons.

“I’m very determined,” said Hill.

“My whole life has been like this, from high school to college. Anything is possible, I don’t mind working hard.”

With the draft workouts coming to a close, Stefanski also had an interesting quote about this year’s draft.

“It’s hard to gauge a draft until two to three years after the draft but this year a lot of people were saying – because of the new rule – that this was going to be a very, very strong draft. I think people would change their opinion a little bit that it’s not as strong as people would have projected though there’s going to be nice pieces in there. Of how far and into the second round it’s going to go; only the future will tell.”

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